Converting Video Game Models for Prop Making in 3DS MAX, Part 1

Importing the Model

For this demo, I will be using the Brotherhood of Steel Distress Pulser from Fallout 4.  I’m expecting the reader to have a basic understanding of Autodesk 3DS Max.  (everything I’m doing is definitely beginner level!)  I’m also assuming the reader has set up their Max for metric units of measure, but it should work fine if set to inches too.  The model & maps were exported using the software called Noesisv, version 4172. Continue reading Converting Video Game Models for Prop Making in 3DS MAX, Part 1

Mad Max Fury Road Shoulder Plate

This year, Robin & I decided to make Furiosa and Max costumes from Mad Max Fury Road.  Most of my gear was available online.  Leathers from South Beach Leather, shirt and boots from Amazon, bracelet from Etsy, and the South African tactical vest from eBay.  The only thing I couldn’t buy was the shoulder plate.   Continue reading Mad Max Fury Road Shoulder Plate

Thanksgiving Dinner 1944

I thought I’d share some traditional Thanksgiving recipes with you, courtesy of TM 10-412 – Army Recipes – 15 August 1944.  Sadly, the holiday snuck up on me, so I didn’t have time to see if I had an original menu from WW2 in our collection.  I will make sure to go ahead & start looking for Christmas menus soon!

Very few, if any combat troops got a Thanksgiving dinner this nice.  (probably NONE!)  I’m sure there were more than a few soldiers who did get a meal like this, especially soldiers serving stateside.  FYI, all recipes are for 100 servings.  If your family gathering is smaller, you will need to adjust accordingly! Continue reading Thanksgiving Dinner 1944

WACs in Manila

These photos were included in a bag along with the “with the WACs from Manila to New Jersey” letter and photos that we posted earlier.  We’re not 100% sure they’re from the same WACs, but it makes sense.  Some of these were inscribed with captions, others were stamped with location names.  We’re guessing that the inscribed ones are personal photos, and stamped ones are purchased photos. Continue reading WACs in Manila

With the WACs from Manila to New Jersey

This is a neat collection of photos that a WAC send to a friend after the war.  She traveled from Manila to New Jersey.  They crossed the Pacific Ocean on the Evangeline, landed in San Francisco, and rode a train across the US to Fort Dix.  She numbered all the photos and included a page of captions.  We hope you enjoy! Continue reading With the WACs from Manila to New Jersey